Each production task is unique, that’s why “FAM-Robotics” develops robotic technological systems taking into account conditions and requirements imposed by a Customer.

Sometimes it is not possible to propose a solution based on standard equipment only. In some cases it is necessary to create a special project of robotic system, corresponding to specific conditions of application. Factors that often complicate implementation of standard automated solutions are: limited area for placement, complex production technology, operation with objects that feature specific characteristics (irregular shape, high temperature, etc).

On the basis of received on-line request and subsequent audit, specialists of our company prepare a preliminary project of challenges implementation. In case of necessity we can design special gripping mechanisms, positioning devices, systems of relocation, as well as full-scale robotic systems including all essential components. Our own hi-tech production facilities allow production of equipment in short terms under constant quality control.

Examples of developed and implemented projects are given bellow.